Do you still require masks?

Yes. Our shop is full of people with autoimmune disorders who can’t afford to catch a cold, let alone anything else. Additionally, rescheduling a week or more of appointments for the entire shop would be very difficult if one of us were to get sick.

I am fully vaccinated, do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. Anyone who enters our shop is required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. Being vaccinated doesn’t make you immune to illness or incapable of spreading it.


I want to cancel my appointment. Can I get my deposit back?

No. Deposits are non refundable and are paid to ensure that your artist receives compensation for their time.

I forgot to leave my deposit; do I still have an appointment?

No. If you did not put money down to book your appointment, we did not put you in the schedule.

Tattoos & Designs

What is your touch up policy?

Touch ups are generally free by the artist who did your tattoo! Hand tattoos only receive one free touch up and are subject to our hourly rate thereafter.

Can I see my design before my appointment?

Generally, no. Our artists have so much art to stay on top of that your piece likely won’t be completed until the day before your appointment.

What if I decide to change my design idea?

Any and all design changes are subject to the possibility of a reschedule. We want you to be happy with your art, but we also much consider the time we have scheduled already and anyone who may have an appointment after yours.

Do you do white ink tattoos?

No. They do not hold up over time, and rarely turn out the way you expect them to. To save the hassle and disappointment, we will not do them.

Do you offer numbing cream?

No, but we do use Bactine during the tattoo process which helps relieve/numb some pain!

I want a tattoo on the side of my finger. Will you do it?

No. Tattoos in that area do not heal well, and, on the rare occasion they do, over time spread and blur with age! Much like white ink tattoos, we don’t want to leave you with something you won’t love.


What should I do before my tattoo?

Nourish yourself! Eat something substantial and carb heavy before your appointment and drink plenty of water. Don’t drink alcohol the day before or the day of. If you have an all day appointment, bring a few snacks and water with you!

I’m running late for my appointment… that’s okay, right?

No. There are likely other people scheduled for an appointment after you. If you are late you’ll likely need to be rescheduled to another day.

Am I allowed to bring a guest?

Currently we allow one guest per client to limit capacity. As long as they wear their mask properly, they can join you for the duration of your appointment!

Can I bring my kids?

Kids are welcome provided they are supervised and well behaved. Know that tattoo shops are generally adult environments and can be unsafe for young children left to their own devices.