Booking Tips & Tricks
What exactly would you like done? Please include the specifics… the more detail the better. How big do you want the piece? Inches are the best measurement, but, if you must use an object, use one that does not vary in size. Examples of this would be items such as regular soda cans, softballs, or index cards. Avoid saying “small” or “medium” and “palm/hand sized” as these things are not uniform in size! Where on the body do you want your tattoo? This helps with the design process and allows us to give you a better estimate! Is there a specific art style you want, or are you open to your artist’s interpretation? We love getting free reign over style! Examples of styles include: realism, traditional, neo-traditional, new school, xoil, trash polka, linework, blackwork, watercolour, etc. Black and grey or full colour? If you’re looking for “a pop of colour” please specify what you mean by this! Do you have a budget? This plays a huge role in what we can create for you or how we may break it into sessions. Do you have any reference/inspiration photos? Show us! Let us know what elements you like/don’t like. What days/times of the week work best for you? Be specific. For large pieces, expect to take a day off from work. Please consider our shop hours of operation (Tuesday-Saturday 1-7pm) as we charge extra for coming in before/after hours or on our days off. Be prepared to leave a deposit in order to book your appointment as they are required to secure your spot!